The season of snow, ice, and freezing temperatures is rapidly approaching Grand Junction, which means more on-road risks for drivers near Clifton, CO. To increase your safety and improve vehicle performance, schedule winter maintenance at Grand Junction Volkswagen. In our VW service center, a factory-trained VW technician will prepare you and your VW Jetta for all the hazards that come with winter driving.

Tips for Prepping Your Car for the Colorado Winter Season

On-road winter safety starts with thorough preparation. Is your VW Passat ready to face the cold temperatures without compromising functionality? At your VW service center, there are several ways to find out. By scheduling routine winter maintenance, you can get all the vital vehicle parts inspected by a certified VW technician. See how these simple repairs can make all the difference when you start up your engine and travel the snowy streets around the Fruita area:

  • Check your tire tread and air pressure
  • Change your oil filter and replace your oil
  • Rotate or replace your tires if necessary
  • Test your VW battery and charging system
  • Replace your windshield wiper blades
  • Inspect your heater and rear-window defroster

Prep Your Volkswagen and Stay Safe Throughout Winter

You can schedule VW winter maintenance at Grand Junction Volkswagen, serving Parachute, CO. In addition to testing your battery, checking tire pressure, and replacing your wiper blades, there are five other tips to keep in mind as you head into the season of snow and ice.

  • Consider investing in a set of snow tires for your Volkswagen.
  • Pack a winter emergency kit and store it in the trunk of your car.
  • Drive slowly and pay attention to your surroundings on the road.
  • Clear the snow and ice off your entire car - not just the windshield.
  • Keep your gas tank full during the winter in case of an emergency.

Winter roads are unpredictable, which is why our service technicians want to prepare you and your VW Atlas for what lies ahead. Schedule VW winter maintenance at Grand Junction Volkswagen today.

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