Volkswagen has always been a brand that's looked to the future. And these days, there's no denying that the future of the automotive industry is electrified. Luckily, with models like the Volkswagen e-Golf already gracing the showroom floor of our Grand Junction, CO dealership, and plenty of innovative VW Electric Vehicle Concepts inspiring future designs, the Volkswagen brand is well-positioned to blaze a trail in the automotive industry of tomorrow.

Now, we know a lot of folks from Fruita to Clifton, CO are liable to say, "Concept vehicles like the VW ID. VIZZION are cool, but there's no guarantee they'll ever be put into production, so what's the point?" Well, while it's true that VW has made no promises about its electrified concept vehicle, that doesn't make them any less successful.

You see, to succeed in the electric vehicle market, an automaker needs to always be innovating, and it's clear to see that VW is doing just that with its Concept EV models. In fact, in the case of models like the VW ID. BUZZ, it's even paying homage to popular models of yesteryear, modeling its silhouette after the classic Volkswagen Type 2 Bus.

But even beyond their sleek designs, the most important things about the Volkswagen Electric Concept Vehicles are the insights they give us for what might be to come in future production VW models. From piloted driving assist systems to batteries that offer usable range for hundreds upon hundreds of miles, the future looks very bright to Volkswagen to lead the pack in the world of electric vehicles.

Interested in learning more about the Volkswagen brand's electric vehicle concepts? Feel free to drop by our showroom near Parachute, CO to chat with our VW brand experts today.

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