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Whether you drive an Atlas Cross Sport or a Jetta, your Volkswagen is an investment. Keeping it in good working order requires routine maintenance. One of the most important of these maintenance tasks for protecting your investment is getting the oil changed.

Oil Changes are Routine For a Reason

There are a few good reasons oil changes are routine. Firstly, consider the purpose of motor oil. Oil lubricates the engine to minimize friction and optimize performance on Fruita area roads. As it makes its way through engine components, motor oil picks up debris and gets progressively dirtier. This excess debris can cause reduced performance and eventual engine damage.


Here Are a Few Signs That Your Oil Needs Changed

Since oil is inside the engine, many people think it is hard to tell if it needs changing. This is not the case. There are definite signs that your Volkswagen needs an oil change.

Perhaps the most glaring sign that your oil needs to be changed is an "Oil Change" light on your dashboard. This lit sign may specify a recommended mileage before an oil change is required, but you shouldn't wait until the last mile. If you see this "Oil Change" warning, get ready to change the oil or bring it in for an oil change.

Another way to check your oil status requires manually checking the oil. Your Volkswagen owner's manual contains instructions for checking your oil level. When you check your oil with your vehicle's dipstick, you can see if the oil level is low or the oil itself is dirty. If the oil is merely low, it can be topped off. Dirty oil always needs to be changed.

A third oil assessment method involves listening to your vehicle. If your car or SUV makes a grinding noise as you drive down Clifton, CO streets, the oil might need changing. Poorly lubricated engine components rubbing together causes these sounds. An oil change will restore more fluid movement to your engine.

We Don't Use Just Any Oil

While you've probably seen motor oil for sale in grocery stores or gas stations, choosing an oil that's appropriate for your Volkswagen isn't as simple as picking up the bottle with features that sound good. At Grand Junction Volkswagen, we've worked on many vehicles owned by people who regretted taking such an approach.

Volkswagen vehicles require specific types of oil. Our VW certified technicians know exactly what your VW needs for each season.

Using oil that meets the appropriate standard for your Volkswagen will help keep your engine lubricated, clean, and protected. This results in proper engine performance and optimal fuel economy.

What To Expect From A Volkswagen Oil Change

At our certified Volkswagen service center in the Parachute, CO area, we don't just remove the old oil and replace it with new oil. We use the best oil for your vehicle and replace your genuine Volkswagen Original Equipment filter. While we have your vehicle, we can also perform a Multi-Point Inspection to give you a more detailed picture of your vehicle's overall health.

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At Grand Junction Volkswagen, our staff in our service center specializes in maintaining and repairing new and old Volkswagen vehicles just like yours. We also understand the special conditions that affect your engine and engine oil in the Grand Junction area climate. Make your appointment online to have your oil and filter changed with certified pros at Grand Junction Volkswagen.


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