Everything You Need to Know About Routine Volkswagen Timing Belt Service

Many Volkswagen Grand Junction drivers may have heard of their timing belt, but do you know what function it serves? How often it needs service? What to expect if it needs to be replaced? The team here at Grand Junction Volkswagen is here to answer all of your most popular questions concerning this essential piece of equipment that makes your Volkswagen tick. Then, you can book an appointment with our friendly service team to get your timing belt checked out.

What is a Timing Belt?

The timing belt within your Volkswagen is a piece of strong rubber that helps your engine work with the rest of the various parts, and pieces of your vehicle's construing. Specifically, it keeps your valves and pistons moving at the same time by rotating the crankshaft and camshaft in a rotational motion. To put it simply-it's one of the most vital parts of your vehicle's operation, and though extremely durable, it does wear down and needs replacing to ensure the continued success of your engine.


How Often Do I Need to Replace My Timing Belt?

In most vehicles, timing belts tend to reach the end of their lifespan, sometime in the 60,000-mile to 100,000-mile range. It's important to explore your Volkswagen owner's manual or consult our team to get a more specific estimate on a timing belt replacement based on the model and year of your vehicle.

How Do I Know If My Timing Belt is Damaged?

There are a few different indications besides mileage that will alert you to the condition of your timing belt. For starters, if you hear a ticking noise coming from your engine when you turn on your vehicle, break, or turn, this can be a key warning that's likely the most noticeable. Second, if you're having a hard time starting your vehicle, but other lights in your cabin are illuminated (indicating that it's not a battery issue), it likely means your timing belt is broken.

If you think your timing belt may be in poor condition, pay close attention to your vehicle's performance the next time it rains or the next time you're towing something. When your timing belt begins to wear down, you'll find you have less control while driving, which is especially evident in the aforementioned driving scenarios. Increased hydroplaning and difficulty turning with precision are signs of a failing timing belt.

If you feel comfortable popping open the hood and taking a visual inventory of what's going on with the timing belt, do so. Any loose pieces of rubber or visible wear on the large, strap-like piece of material that stretches around the outside of your engine will be tell-tale signs that its time for it to be checked out by a professional.

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