Volkswagen Atlas vs Atlas Cross Sport

How the Volkswagen Atlas and Atlas Cross Sport Differ

Here at Grand Junction Volkswagen, we often get questions from drivers interested in the Volkswagen Atlas and Atlas Cross Sport. Many drivers believe that the models come built on the same platform or include the same features. These new Volkswagen vehicles have many similarities, but they also differ in fundamental ways that can influence your purchasing decision.

Both vehicles offer tremendous rides, making them a great option for driving in Grand Junction. However, you need to understand the big differences to find the one that will deliver the best experience possible. Within each model, you can choose from multiple trim levels and configurations to design your dream ride.

What's the Difference Between the VW Atlas and Atlas Cross Sport?

The major differences in these vehicles have to do with the wheelbase and roofline. The Atlas Cross Sport essentially reflects a lower, more sporty-looking Volkswagen Atlas. It removes one row of seating, so it only has seating for five people. It arrives as a smaller, more compact version of the Atlas, making it perfect for many sporting events and city driving. The Cross Sport offers much less in terms of storage space due to the amount of space the roof shape takes up. However, it still has a considerable amount of storage space for all the gear you need to haul around Fruita, so you won't have to worry about running out anytime soon. The Cross Sport has a more youthful interior, but it lacks the headroom you would get from the Atlas. The other major difference comes from the pricing. The smaller Atlas Cross Sport comes in at a lower price.

Volkswagen Atlas Benefits

Where the Atlas Wins

The Atlas wins in terms of size and seating space. You get seating for up to seven people here, and they will all have ample headroom as you cruise around Clifton, CO. The Atlas serves as the quintessential SUV with modern technology to make your life more comfortable and safe. The interior includes a premium-looking design so that the entire family will have fun on the road. You also get a beautiful touchscreen display to help you interact. You can also upgrade to a V6 engine so that you can get even more power out of your SUV. The structure acts as a safety cage, keeping you insulated from potential car crashes.

Atlas Cross Sport Benefits

Where the Atlas Cross Sports Wins

The Cross Sport wins in size and maneuverability. It features the same wheelbase as the Atlas, but it has a sloped roof and one less row of seating. However, it makes up for this with ample storage space in the back and a breathtaking design. The design appeals to a younger audience, and you can see that effect when you look at the interior. It comes in at a lower price, so you can save a few thousand dollars over the cost of the Atlas and put that money to use elsewhere in Parachute, CO.

Who Should Buy Each Model?

While these vehicles appear very similar, they do not offer the same driving experience. They appeal to two different audiences, despite how close their specifications appear. The two vehicles have a lot more similarities than differences, but the small differences make all the difference. The smaller Cross Sport comes built for the millennial audience due to its sporty and compact size. It looks smaller and more agile, making it a great option for families with young children. The bigger Atlas includes many of the same hardware, but it has more seating for a larger family or families with teenagers.

We welcome you to visit our dealership soon to test drive a new Volkswagen Atlas or Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport.

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