Make A Service Appointment at Grand Junction Volkswagen

Are you looking for exceptional auto service in the Clifton area? You may have come to the right place! Explore the services offered at the in-house service center of Grand Junction Volkswagen. 

Menu of Auto Services 

  • Oil and filter change, air filter inspection 
  • New fuel filter for diesel engines or new spark plugs for petrol engines 
  • Detailed checks for leaks, wear, and damage, including steering system and driveshaft 
  • Removal of wheels and brakes checked, with wheel bearings checked for excessive wear 
  • Brake cylinders, pipes, and hoses checked for leaks or damage 
  • Suspension checked for wear or damage 
  • Handbrake operation checked and adjusted if necessary 
  • Brake fluid tested and replaced if necessary 
  • Tires checked for wear, damage and signs of misalignment 
  • Exhaust system checked for corrosion, damage or leaks 

Receive Customized Auto Service for Your Vehicle 

We don't waste your time or ours with anything your vehicle does not need. Our services are tailored specifically to the make, condition, and needs of your vehicle. For example, our interim service for high-mileage vehicles, includes oil change, along with basic maintenance with additional checks, which may include inspection of worn tires, leaks, or faulty headlights. If needed, we will refill your vehicle's coolant, as well as brake and steering fluid. All needs of your vehicle, no matter the condition or difficulty, will be met with open arms of our exceptionally talented auto technicians. And don't forget to check out our service specials that we offer!

Make A Service Appointment Today Near Clifton, CO 

Our service center will customize service to your vehicle's specific needs. Our excellent expertise covers a wide range of services, including state safety inspections, engine repairs, brake maintenance, air-conditioning, suspension repair, and tires. Whether you're visiting us for routine maintenance or need an inspection after an accident, we have the experience to make sure you receive the great care your vehicle deserves. Whether you're from Fruita, Parachute, CO, or anywhere in the area, we welcome you to Grand Junction Volkswagen!