Used Volkswagen Tiguan in Grand Junction, CO

The Volkswagen Tiguan and Durability go Hand-in-Hand

There are few SUVs on today's road that can compete with the capability, durability, and popularity of the stylish Volkswagen Tiguan midsize SUV. The Tiguan is a strong performer, and it offers plenty of interior room, technology, and connectivity tools that can make trips seem shorter. Plus, the Volkswagen Tiguan brings durability to life with its many high-performance design factors. Whether brand new or used, the Volkswagen Tiguan is an excellent choice for drivers or passengers.

A Used Volkswagen Tiguan Offers All Around Quality

The Volkswagen Tiguan midsize SUV exudes quality in every design feature. This quality starts under the hood with its fuel-efficient yet powerful motor systems. The Tiguan offers powerful and durable motors that include a 2.0 L option that offers nearly 200 ft-lb of torque. The Tiguan comes fully equipped with the proprietary Volkswagen 4Motion system. Among other things, this system lets drivers select several driving modes with the touch of a finger. These modes prepare the vehicle for specialized environments that include wet, icy, and snowy roads. When used in concert with the multi-range automatic transmission, the 4Motion system offers robust performance enhancements.

Enjoy the Volkswagen Tiguan Safety System

In addition to its high-performance engineering talents, the Volkswagen Tiguan has many passive, active, and proprietary systems ready to keep passengers and drivers safer. The body of the Volkswagen Tiguan serves as a frontline barrier against injury. This reinforced and solid chassis cage has crumple zones and reinforced areas to both repel and absorb crash forces. It also includes the proprietary Volkswagen Intelligent Crash Response System (ICRS) that can perform many safety-related functions if drivers cannot. Other systems include Volkswagen driver awareness technologies that can keep drivers awake and on point during long or short journeys.

One such technology is called the Adaptive Front Lighting system. This proprietary system includes design features that can help drivers to see better at night. The Volkswagen Tiguan Dynamic corner headlights are good examples. These lights can follow the action of the steering wheel, and as such, they can spread light in directions where the vehicle will be going. This gives drivers precious extra seconds to make adjustments if emergencies arise around Parachute, CO.

Stay Productive with the Volkswagen Tiguan Connectivity System

The Volkswagen Tiguan midsize SUV is also a solid performer in the connectivity and technology areas. Passengers of this vehicle can enjoy comprehensive and fast internet connections through the onboard Wi-Fi hotspot system. Multiple devices can easily interact with this system simultaneously, and it also has extended ranges that allow passengers to get work done even if they are located several feet from the vehicle.

The Tiguan also gives drivers extra control of their vehicles remotely with the Volkswagen Cat Net application. The Car-Net system gives drivers remote control over many vehicle functions, extends protection with the Family Guardian Alert system, and grants access to the Volkswagen Drive View service.

Pre-Owned Volkswagen Tiguans can Support You Well into the Future

As a future Volkswagen Tiguan owner, you'll have access to both late model and pre-owned versions of this iconic SUV. If you take the pre-owned option, you'll be gaining access to many benefits that are difficult to secure. You'll find yourself with access to the many models and trims of the Volkswagen Tiguan family. This will allow you to personalize your vehicle in new ways. You will also get access to specialized financing deals that can keep money in your pocket. Plus, many pre-owned Tiguans come with specialized warranties, service plans, and other benefits that you won't find elsewhere.

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